A Huge thanks go out to the 150 plus dudes that attended our 

final event at Paddles on Gay Pride Sunday.

My party was the very last one held in the space and 

it was amazing.  We are searching for a bigger and better spot

and have 2 that seem promising. 

If anyone knows of a spot that would suit our needs, please let us know. 

We would like to have as many choices as possible.  

In the mean time I will be doing some PR and an occasional events with my criminally handsome buddy Dominus Eros at-



Click for info on location and calendar for events

3F Studios-

2 great locations


51 West 14th street near 6th

2 Great Studios at that location

Click for Map

2nd Location


38 West 32nd street Suite 1406, close to Broadway

Click for Map


Posh and upscale play space 

All male meet ups and as well as sexy workshops.

You should check out the space!

2 Private Studios, 3 treatment rooms, 2 Private bathrooms with shower, Comfy waiting area with Kitchenette, Exposed brick with roaring 20’s vibe from decor/music to fixtures.

Plenty of amenities provided for the whole space and rooms.
A warm and inviting space that will feel like home for any guest.

Quiet building, Convenient Location, Clean and Uncluttered.

We are located at 51 w 14th street, between 5th and 6th Ave. Suite 3F

2 studio spaces at that location

 Our second private studio Dawn is located at: 38w 32nd st, Suite 1406 on 14th Floor


Website for events is DaddyRetreat.com, website for the space is 3fsnyc.com, any questions about booking time in the

space can be sent to 3fsnyc@gmail.com