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Male Basics Product Review by Brad Harris

Male Basics Jockstraps

By Bradley Harris

What sets the jockstraps designed by Male Basics apart? It’s got to be
the cut of the fabric in front, the low-rise cut that showcases the Rectus
Abdominus and the External Obliques that form a line at the edge of the
abdominal muscles to the lower pelvis. To put it more plainly and
erotically, no jockstrap shows off what are colloquially and crudely
known as “cum gutters” better than these Male Basics jocks.
At Male Basics, the designers are also not afraid of the lace and strap
effect that can be such a turn-on when women wear see-through panties
and garter belts. A small strip of colorful lace fabric with a flower design
can frame the upper buttocks while black elastic straps can encase the
cheeks, both presenting them and somehow also managing to suggest
that they are off-limits except to the man or men who owns them. Guys
in 2023 are not afraid of the lingerie effect that has been aiding the erotic
life of women for centuries.
Another thing about Male Basics jocks: the elastic straps that display the
bare ass are tight enough to hold and present the cheeks attractively but
not so tight as to cut or push into the flesh, which can look unattractive
unless your ass is 100% firm and hard. For that hint of softness that can
be so sexy, you need a Male Basics jockstrap to support and caress your
ass—or your lover’s ass—without pushing too tightly into it. For those
into a more dom/sub point of view, some of the designs have multiple
straps that give a bondage effect. Plus Male Basics jockstraps are
available in bright colors for those times when you want all eyes to be
on your body in a darkened play space filled with men.
You know in this post-pandemic world that you need some new
jockstraps. Your ass looks great. You’ve done your squats, and you’re
going to do more. Get some Male Basics jockstraps and see how your
husband or your boyfriend or your various lovers want to nail you

constantly in them, or get nailed by you. All it takes sometimes is the
right sexy presentation.

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