Mans Best Friend, Is Another Man

Mandatory vaccination check has been lifted, you will
be temperature scanned upon entry.

Every single sunday and Gay Pride Sunday
Paddles Play Club
at 250 West 26th street and 8th ave Chelsea, NYC
Doors from 7pm to 11pm and stay til 1am
Entry fee from 7pm to 8pm is $25 bucks
Entry fee from 8pm to 11pm is $30 bucks
No matter who you are, you are welcome to attend
BYOB- Bring beer or a bottle


Join me at

Slutfest - A Prideful Party! -

Fri 8pm-Sat 2am at the 14th street Location


Click Here to Sign up


Yoga studio by day and posh sexy play space by night


A Daddy Retreat Production for Male Identified people only

Led by Dominus Eros & Bate Coach

Dominus Eros invites all self proclaimed Sluts to come out and play. Do you fancy yourself a master JO tactician... maybe you have knee pads in your go bag for that Oral hoe in you... perhaps you love all things Anal... Maybe you're a Kinky freak... Are you a sacred spiritual sexual being... Could it be you are the biggest Slut and love all of the above? We encourage all to enjoy a judgment free zone, wear the sluttiest of outfits from ass less jocks to pantyhose and lingerie... the sluttier the better. This an open event for all to fly your freak flag and be the hoe you always knew you are!


A Night of Brotherhood and Connection

No matter who you are, you are welcome to attend
STD testing by Mens Sexual Health Project available

Dress Code- Underwear or Less

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