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All Male Event, Party and Product Review 


This is our Beta Test- we are still working on everything

We are currently transitioning the site to include a

NYC Night Life Directory with suggestions for the best all male live events in NYC, and the live interview spot called



I have some exciting news.  

I have found a new home for Man Hunter night.

A fantastic party space in Mid town will be open in a

matter of weeks.  

This has a bit of a hidden "Men's Club"

feel in the heart of Mid town,

The location will be released when we have our opening night

This is a posh and classy place for ADULTS to make 

themselves comfortable and relax.  

Personally, I have been looking for comfortable, elegant,

but fun place to party.    This is that place.

As a special service, you may place a food order from some

of the best places in town that are nearby and anything you wish can be delivered to where you are sitting in the club.

The collection of original artwork alone is reason enough 

to come and check us out.

Come join us for fantastic surroundings, great live performances

and wonderful people.


I hope to have the chance to see you all in the flesh soon.


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